Our Vision and Mission

Highland Child and Community Services’ vision is to serve as an umbrella organization to interlink, empower, and equip more narrowly focused entities. These entities will serve children  by creating healthy and stable environments for children to develop and flourish and communities by  empowering individuals and eradicating poverty worldwide. HCCS will network with established organizations, bolstering all efforts of poverty alleviation, social justice, environmental responsibility, and child welfare.

Highland Child and Community Services’ mission is to utilize a holistic approach to eradicating poverty through nurturing the mind, body, and soul of a people, while embracing each culture and social atmosphere. HCCS will enrich lives through academic and principle education. HCCS will work alongside of individuals and communities implementing techniques which utilize as many natural resources as possible, empowering communities to go forward in self-sustainability. HCCS will carry an element of job creation whereby creating short and long term employment, enhancing dignity and promoting economic stimulation. HCCS will bring children and young adults into communities which will incubate healthy mindsets, strong work ethics, and progressive environmental care, whereby impacting future generations.